My NEW Options Advisory Service

Where I'll GIVE You My Option Trades


Are you the type that wants to make astounding options profits?

Harness the power of options to create the life you want now and to build your retirement.

This is not for everyone. Let's talk to see if it fits for you.


This service is providing traders like you with clear stock options trades using proven techniques. All you have to do is enter the orders.


In fact, it is using the techniques you learned but also many other techniques.

The service covers whatever style you are interested in. You will receive trades every day for:


  • Swing trades
  • Position trades
  • Income trades


You will be notified whenever there is a new trade. All the information you need will be given to you. You will know exactly what option, when to buy, and when to sell. Super easy!


In addition, Courtney creates a short video explaining why he’s doing the trade so you get to look over the shoulder of a master trader. How often are you able to have such access?


You just have to sit back and let Courtney work for you!


In addition to the killer option trades, he will give you an update on the whole market status every morning so you know what’s happening in the market.


The Option Navigator Program is giving traders profits like these recent trades:


  • WYNN put returned 510%
  • DVA covered call returned 118% annualized
  • AMD call returned 1967%!!!!!!!!


This small sample gives you an idea of the power of the Option Navigator Program.


Courtney has taken all the trading techniques he learned as an options market maker and author of the book Options Strategies and put it all into one simple easy advisory program, the Option Navigator.


Here’s how it works:

1.   He gives you the trades

2.   You do the trades

3.   You cash the checks


This Program works in bull and bear markets so there can be a river of income all the time.


It’s easy. It’s painless.


Retire rich, not poor.

“Using Courtney Smith's advice, I was able to save a tremendous amount of time while building my wealth and retirement. Who knew that by working with Courtney, I could get more money and have more time with my family”


The Team

Courtney Smith

President, Options University

Former options market maker

Author of Options Strategies

I really want to live a better life and create a stunning retirement. I know that options can help me achieve this. Please contact me to discuss how you can help me.

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